About Mold Stingers
of Apollo, PA

Our Company Uses Cutting Edge Mold Remediation Servicing a 50-Mile Radius of Apollo, PA

We are a non-abrasive and non-evasive mold remediation company that uses cutting edge ULTRA PURE CLO2 technology. We offer a zero-exposure mold spore policy to our customers. That means our goal is no mold spores left in your home or business within a 50-mile radius of Apollo, PA, so you and your family or coworkers may rest easy. Our products are organically certified, EPA and FDA registered.

We are more than just a mold remediation company. We provide complete solutions by testing for dangerous and toxic conditions in your air and addressing the sources of water that lead to dangerous and unhealthy conditions in your home. Call us today at (412) 745-6653 or contact us for a free estimate and to schedule an appointment.

Meet Our Leaders

Matthew Stimple

  • 12 years of project management experience in National Account Management
  • 15 years of sales and marketing experience
  • 18 years self-employed/ entrepreneurship in business management in hospitality industry and sales
  • 6 years of experience working with CL02/fully certified in training and application
  • Customer-centric approach to business practice
  • Business management degree, Penn West
  • Passionate about helping people solve problems causing them physical issues from in-home mold or air quality issues

Jason Mehalic

  • Expert in lawn service and grounds maintenance for thirty-three years.
  • Expert at Landscape and Design
  • Expert at Ground Water Management and Excavation
  • Continually work with and provide expert training and knowledge to employees

Our Services

Mold Removal and Mold Remediation

Our team of mold removal experts specializes in non-abrasive mold removal and remediation. We use advanced techniques and environmentally friendly products to safely eliminate mold, ensuring a healthier space for our clients. Mold removal and mold remediation are essential processes for safely eliminating mold growth and preventing its return. Our experts at Mold Stingers use non-abrasive methods and eco-friendly products to effectively eradicate mold, ensuring a healthier and mold-free living or working environment. Trust us to safeguard your space.

Odor Removal

Persistent odors can be a constant source of discomfort. Mold Stingers offers expert odor removal services to restore freshness and comfort to your home or workplace. Breathe easier with our specialized solutions. Expert techniques and specialized products are used to neutralize and eliminate odors caused by mold, smoke, pets, or other sources. This service enhances indoor air quality, creating a fresh and more enjoyable environment.

Ground Correction and Restoration

Mold issues can compromise the structural integrity of your property. Our ground correction and restoration services address these concerns, providing comprehensive solutions that ensure the safety and stability of your space. Ground correction and restoration is a crucial service for addressing structural issues caused by mold or other factors. It involves repairing and stabilizing foundations, walls, and structural elements affected by mold damage. This process ensures the safety and integrity of the building, preventing further deterioration and costly repairs.

Mold Resistant Customer Barrier Coating by Mold Stingers

Mold Stingers presents a breakthrough in customer barrier coating, engineered to resist mold growth effectively. Our innovative formula creates a durable shield against moisture, preventing mold and mildew formation on surfaces. With Mold Stingers’ mold-resistant customer barrier coating, you can ensure long-term protection for your surfaces, maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your customers and occupants.